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[Trans] 130113 Modelpress Interview

Tohoshinki Interview – Discussing Plans for 2013 and Their Personal Lives

In this interview, Tohoshinki, whose new single “Catch Me –If you wanna-” goes on sale 1/16, talk about their personal lives and their thoughts about this song.

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source: 130113 Modelpress
Q: As you have collaborated for such a long time, there must be times when you feel ‘Ah, we really did work for a long time’.

“The musical trend is so fast as you know. We met a lot of sunbaes, hubaes, and other singers on our last overseas performance. SHINee and B2ST are considered sunbaes now. Seeing that, I felt that it’s really fast and I also felt responsibility. Personally, I kind of want to stay as the baby. (laughs) Before, I did want our history to build faster, but now that we really are sunbaes, I feel the responsibility and some burden as well. I do think that I should be a somewhat good sunbae though.”

Q: There must be something like ‘I want to show this part of us’ through this activity.

“There’s a lot that I felt these days. One of them is that there are a lot of people in the elementary school who don’t know us. I was walking one day when an elementary school student said “oh, that’s uknow-yunho” so I said back “am I your friend?” and he said back “Hello Uncle”. [In Korea, they use different words when talking to elders. The elementary school student didn’t use such words, which is why Yunho said what he said. People in Korea also casually use the term ‘uncle’ to older men] I think we’d stay for a long time if we show our bright side and do honest and mass-media friendly songs. I really feel that staying for a long time is very important. There are times when I listen to Teacher Jo Yong-pil and Shin Seung-hun sunbae-nim’s songs and I suddenly get this “there was a song like this?!” feeling. How great would it be to stay artistic like that… It could be that I’m thinking a lot more about these thoughts because we’re on a vague position between idol and adult-dol right now.”

Q: What do you do when you’re not doing your album activity?

“I’m a loose cannon. I went wake-boarding as soon as we got back from Jakarta, and I like going to the marine market. As we are in this industry, there are things that we slowly lose, and I don’t want to lose them. I try to experience things that I haven’t experienced. I used to put on a disguise before, but I just go around looking like me these days. I think I’m pretty good at going to places in secret. There are a lot of places that I haven’t been to within Korea, and I go to see the sea a lot these days. To organize my thoughts.”

Q: You said there are some things you’re losing. What could be an example?

“Like going to the dong office to get a copy of something official? The manager hyungs do all that for me, and I get used to that and that leads to becoming a single-minded person and makes me forget. I will be a head of a family one day, and it’ll be sad to live without the attitude I had back when I was a trainee. I try not to forget those kinds of things. I worried that I may lose innocence.”

Q: You must’ve gained something on the other hand.

“If there was something that I earned, I got out into the society earlier than my peers and as such, I came to breeze through the concerns and other things that can occur at our age more easily. A lot of the peers at our age are salaried-employee and they go through a lot, but since I started out in the society earlier, I got used to everything and whatnot very quickly. I think in cases like us, we’re very good at one thing and weak in another. It seems like averaging out will be beneficial for our lives.

Q: It is the perfect season to want to be in love. I’m curious if you’re dating.

“I treat women like I treat men. There’s something uncomfortable… it seems like it’s not the right time yet. It seems like it’s time when I just want to focus on the work more. But I do think that I want to be in a cute relationship when the opportunity arrives. A princess on a white horse! I think a lot about what my perfect match would be doing right now from somewhere away. I even think before I sleep, ‘I’m thinking right now, right at this moment, about her who must be somewhere out there. Would she be thinking about me as well?’ (laughs) I even wrote letters. My girly side comes out sometimes. I’m very easy going, but I get girly from time to time. Please mention this again so that I can get that letter to her when I get married.”

Original Article: http://etv.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10001453624

Translation by Fuzzybunny

Q: this is your first time to be in a Japanese movie, how did you feel when you first received the offer?

C: It’s always a pleasure to receive any kind of offers, but when I first received this, I already had a tour scheduled as Tohoshinki from January. That means I would have to extremely concentrate on my acting during the not too short 2 months, while touring and filming at the same time.

Both my management company and I felt it was a great offer, but not really possible considering the schedule. But after a while, the production team asked us to once read the script. If I look at it now, I am so grateful for that. We read the script, and felt “It would be a shame if I didn’t do this”. After that, I heard who was the the director, and the other actors and they were all famous actors in Japan…I can’t describe them just as “famous”…

Q: Very talented cast and staff

C: Yes. And I can work with these talented people. Since then, my feelings changed to “I want to try this” and decided to be a part of this.

Q: You entered knowing/feeling that it will be tough - how was it actually?

C: …it was harder than I expected (bitter laugh) I anticipated many things, but it was more than I expected.

Q: What was the hardest thing?

C: Firstly Japanese. Specifically the Kansai dialect.

Q: There were many scenes that you had conversations - wasn’t that hard?

C: I read the script that was translated in to Korean, but there are certain phrases/nuances (way of saying things) that only Japanese people know/feel right? That was the most difficult. I wanted to act naturally during the conversations. Since it is not my mother tongue, even though I understand what they are saying, it takes me 0.5 seconds slower than native people.

The director scolded me at these times. I could react by predicting their response, but that would make my acting unnatural. I felt the hurdle of “language barrier” higher than expected.
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He plays the spy named "Momo," who lives in a completely different world from himself.

Within the 6 men planning a bank robbery in "Fly with the Gold," there is a character who stands out, the one named "Momo" who is a spy for his former country. He is scouted by the team as a pro in bomb-making, and this man, who has a large influence on the main character Kouda Hiroyuki, can be said to be the key to the movie's success. The one selected for this important character is Tohoshinki member Changmin.

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source: here
translation by: fandomrelated

“We were doing somethings all along, but we weren’t in Korea.” That was Uknow Yunho’s reaction to the comeback after 1 year and 8 month of break as TVXQ with new title song ‘Catch Me’. It was unusually long break for an idol group, and there were a lot of things that happened before and after that. However, they were not only calm but were relaxed, and there answers were simple and firm. TVXQ! who are comfortable enough now to say that “we could go down all of sudden, but that’s ok”. What do they have in their mind when going up the stage. The story we shared with TVXQ, who think about now, and more so about the future. 

Q. You’re already 9 years into the business. 
Uknow Yunho: I think we lived about 4 years just really busy, and we went through a transition period, and we fought like so freaking much. So that’s why I wrote like that in the ‘Thanks to’. “While we fought, cried, and smiled through the 10 years, we became like this.” To be honest, a man saying things like I like you eye to eye to a man. That doesn’t really work out well. (To Changmin) Can you do that? I can’t. (laughs) I get really embarrssed expressing myself, and I think we’re a relationship where words are not necessarily required. If he’s not around, I just kind of feel like I’m missing something.

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*Before we start, the title’s suppsed to be a pun in Korean. “Bad” = Nappeun and “Busy” = Bappeun so We’re “bappeun”boys, more “nappeun” than then “nappeun”boys.

It really is ‘Return of the King’. TVXQ!, who is the male group that represents Korea has returned with new album ‘Catch Me’. Specifically, this album attempted musical variation by using a dubstep sound to the electronic basis, etc. We met TVXQ! members in a hotel at Shinsa-dong. The members who apparently had a nuit blanche shooting for a commercial seemed a little tired. However, as the interview started, they concentrated very well. Uknow Yunho led the interview fluently, and Max Changmin added comments in the important moments. 

―New album since 1 year and 8 months. What did you aim for

▲ We wanted to comeback fast, but time passed by a lot as we went through our international schedule. We needed a bright song this time. We needed a little more mass media appealing feels. If we continue songs like ‘Wae (Keep Your Head Down’ it could turn into just our own league. We wanted to find a middle ground where we can stay friendly to the mass media while staying within SMP(SM Music Performance).

― It’s already been 10 years since debut. TVXQ even appeared in the popular TV show ‘Report 1997’. 

▲ We saw it and it felt really good. ‘Hug’ was played in the end, and I liked it that we were mentioned together. If Season 2 of ‘Report 1997’ we think TVXQ could come out as the main theme. Would that be ‘Report 2004’.

The elementary school students these days may not know TVXQ very well. The fans who heard our debut song ‘Hug’ in their elementary school are over 20 already. We want to make new fans now. If younger friends like our song, we think our life as singers will prolong. We like to appeal to a variety of age. We did a lot of strong-performance oriented song since ‘Hug’ and we could show a soft song someday. Our goal is to try various genres and we’re in the search for it.

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TVXQ mentioned the inner ranks of SM and said that “We think that we’re after Director Kang-Ta, and BoA sunbae.”

Uknow Yunho added that “Since Director Kang-Ta is an aratist, he tries to understand the position of the artists, but as he has the title ‘director’ under his belt, he could take the view of the company. (So he wanted) us to be the mediator between the company and the artist to connect the two sides.”

Uknow Yunho, who said that “Max Changmin and I give good advice and talk to friends who ask for help” also added that he feels that ‘they are 9 years old already’ when he sees lots of hubaes whenever he goes out on music programs.

He said that “I don’t think we should force responsibility upon ourselves just because we have lots of hubaes. I think we try to take care of them a lot because they treat us like sunbaes. When they do that, we try our best to show a more sunbae-like side of us and talk to them a lot, and all.”

On the other hand, Uknow Yunho said that they will “appear in not just music programs but also in variety shows in order to earn elementary school student fans’ popularity”.

source: nate news
translation by: fuzzybunny

“Hello, we’re TVXQ. Does the mood go down a little because we don’t have greetings like “We are SuperJunior”?”

Although they don’t have greetings like the idols these days,
TVXQ smiled brightly from the beginning of the interview to lighten up the mood.

TVXQ!, who’s coming back with 6th album ‘Catch Me’ in one year and eight months have met with the press on the 27th at La Casa hotel in Seoul.

Japanese Tour, SM Town live… 1 year and 8 months was a short time to them in a way.
Even more, they put in much effort for the long-waited Korean album.

“We spent much time  preparing for the title song. We thought that a music that could keep the feel of ‘TVXQ!’ while communicating with the mass media was necessary”(Max Changmin)

In order to create a title song that has both their pre-existing style and mass media appeal they postponed their comeback period for 1~2 months than planned.

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TVXQ is planning on showing the performance and the live stage separate for each broadcasting company.
But they’re also doing the performance on the live stage as well. TVXQ’s even going as far as wanting to sing while they’re held up by the dancers. 
Uknow Yunho revealed that “When we’re practicing, the dancer grasped my stomach for the ‘Catch Me’ stage. When I am lying down or jumping and the body balance is messed up, there are parts where we don’t quite work out, so it’s difficult.”
Max Changmin said that “Dancers also have to dance while lifting us up and landing us. 
As it is not a comfortable position for us to sing either, we need to prepare a lot”

TVXQ has commented a lot about the mass media appeal in 6th album activities. Why would that be.

Uknow Yunho explained that “Teacher Lee SooMan said that ‘If you take heavy song like ‘Wae’ or ‘Rising Sun’ this time again, I think you’ll become even more separated from the public. Wouldn’t it be nice to try again to appeal to a younger target and not just your own league where only the manias exist?’ and we agreed to it.”
He added that “we want the group to continue for a long time by becoming something everyone can enjoy rather than just being dark and charismatic.”


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